Jessica Bates

Jessica Bates

Specializes in:
Grief & Loss
Sexual Trauma
Individual relationship/family issues

Adolescents (12+)
Young adults

Jessica is an Associate Marriage and Family therapist (143092) under the supervision of Sara Gilman, PsyD, LMFT. Jessica received her bachelor's in psychology with a minor in Counseling and Social Change from San Diego State University, and her Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University.  

Internal Family Systems Theory is at the heart of Jessica’s therapeutic approach. She believes it is a beautiful concept that every person is complex and made up of many different parts that make them who they are. While this is Jessica’s theoretical approach, the most helpful tool she brings into the room with her is her authenticity. Jessica places a great deal of value in showing up as herself and bringing her humor, sarcasm, and down-to-earth vibe into the therapy room.  

Jessica has a deep passion for first responders and a personal investment in their well-being. As the daughter, sister, niece, and friend of firefighters, she has personally experienced the unique impact of growing up in a first responder family. Jessica hopes to not only offer her assistance to first responders but to also provide a place of understanding for the families and children of first responders in both the treatment of trauma as well as preventive treatment.

Some personal interests of Jessica’s are art, music, traveling, and enjoying the mountains with her dogs and horses.  

“And just like the moon, you shall go through phases of light, of dark, and everything in between. Though you may not always appear with the same brightness, please remember, you are always whole.” - Mollie Bylett