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Robert Preijers

Hired: December 15, 2022

Robert is a registered Psychological Associate (PSB 94027295) in the state of California and received his master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical and Forensic Psychology from Alliant International University.

Robert began his career in law enforcement as a police officer for the City of Gardena. During this 10-year period in his career, he served as a patrol officer, Special Weapons and Tactics sniper/observer, and as a detective for the Special Enforcement Team. He is also the recipient of the Medal of Valor. Following his tenure with the Gardena Police Department, Robert served as Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation until his retirement in 2017. Here Robert gained expertise in conducting criminal and national security investigations. Robert’s collateral duties included operator/sniper for the Special Weapons and Tactics team; guest psychological assessor for the Safeguard Unit, responsible for preserving the safety, security, and psychological well-being of personnel working in covert/non-covert programs and high-risk assignments; peer support for the Employee Assistance Program; outreach/liaison officer for the public and private entities considered key stakeholders in our country’s defense industry, research community, and high technology development; and as a profiler/psychologist for the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), conducting indirect behavioral and personality assessments on persons of interest in national security investigations.

Upon retirement, Robert was rehired by the FBI on contract to develop and implement the Psychological Services Unit, responsible for the pre-employment psychological screenings of applicants and psychological fitness for duty evaluations of onboard employees. Robert also assisted in drafting new policies and procedures for the Psychological Services Unit as well as for agent involved shootings.